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The foundation of your Notion workspace for years to come. Take your business operations to the next level by managing sales, customer support, billing, analytics, and more all within a template carefully constructed by a certified CRM software expert.

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Drive Business Growth With Notion

Leverage the OptiOpp CRM for sales pipeline management, revenue analysis, customer support, team collaboration, and much more.

Store important company information

Elevate relationship management, enhance collaboration, and drive success through streamlined customer data.

Enter products & tie them to deals

Set product/service prices and easily track your income steams to better understand where your business should focus for fast growth.

Analyze campaign ROI & atrribution

Calculate the return on investment for ads, events, and other types of marketing actives to discover your best lead funnel.

Easily access contact information & details

Effortlessly manage contacts, improving communication and boosting overall operational efficiency for enhanced productivity.

Resolve customer issues swiftly

Utilize the case database to provide top-notch customer support and increase retention rates.

Use with confidence: extensive docs

With detailed documentation and a basic understanding of Notion, you'll get your CRM up-and-running fast.

Track revenue & the deal pipeline

Revolutionize deal management with detailed revenue analysis to project your business' income.

Effortless billing: Notion invoicing

Create, send, and manage invoices all within the CRM to ensure you're paid and on time.

Project success with task management

Take advantage of Notion's superb project & task management capabilities to tackle difficult initiatives for your business.

About The Creator

Ben Taylor is a Certified Notion & Salesforce consultant. He created this Notion CRM after years of Salesforce consulting and helping businesses automate through no-code. After meeting and working with many small businesses, he noticed that most struggle to justify the cost or to implement the most commonly used CRMs on the market. He created this solution as an alternative. Ben uses this CRM for his own business operations even though he has free access to Salesforce through a partnership. This is because the ease of customization and access to all of the outstanding features Notion provides for his small business.

Choose a CRM Version For Your Business

A CRM solution for teams of all sizes.


Start with the essential features

✓ Opportunities

✓ Contacts

✓ Accounts

✓ Products

✓ Documentation



Unlock upgraded features & lifetime access to updates

Everything in free

Invoice management

✓ Customer support (Cases)

✓ Campaign analysis

✓ Lifetime access to future updates


*One time purchase with lifetime access


Tailor your CRM to your unique needs

✓ Integrate with external systems

✓ Create internal & external automation

✓ Tailor the CRM to meet your business' specific processes / use case

✓ Notion training for teams

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