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Notion Finance Hub



Finance Hub is an all in one system built in Notion that lets you easily manage and keep track of your finances.

What you get: ✓ Expense tracking ✓ Income tracking ✓ Subscription tracking ✓ Monthly Budgeting ✓ Monthly Reports ✓ Wish List Tracking ✓ Debt Tracking ✓ Add multiple accounts ✓ Account fund transfers ✓ All-in-one dashboard ✓ Tutorials & documentation ✓ Lifetime access ✓ Updates included

Manage all your Accounts from one place

You can add as many accounts as you have.

Manage your Finances Categorically

Organise your finances by categories

Automatic Monthly Reporting

Automatically generate informative monthly reports so you can get an overview of your incomes and expenses in that Month.

Average Financial Calculator

Finance Hub calculates your average monthly Income, Expense and Balance automatically

Transfers made easy

Easily transfer money between your bank accounts and your goals

Advanced Subscription Management

Finance Hub comes with an advanced subscription tracker that connects with your accounts. It tells you your last payment and your upcoming payment as well. Plus it tells you the total money you spent till now. Moreover it automatically detects the amount of the subscription expense from your accounts.

Monthly and Yearly Overview

See your incomes and expenses by month and year.

Achieve your Financial Goals

Save up for your wish list and lower your debts


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Notion Finance Hub



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